Fate Gaming is an 18+ casual PC gaming community who were established in 2018. We are open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy.

Don't gamble your time on newly established communities with no track record or communities that sellout with affiliate programs. Fate Gaming members play a variety of games, chances are if you are interested in a particular title, we have someone who plays it!

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Members who join our subscriber program are rewarded with currency that can be redeemed for epic loot. The longer you are a subscriber the more currency you gain each month! Click the icon below to checkout our catalog.

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Represent the community both in front of the keyboard and away from it with our custom designed apparel using the shopping cart button below! All profit generated from the purchase of Fate Gaming merchandise goes towards the funding of the community.

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Donations to Fate Gaming are rewarded in Discord with exclusive visual changes to your profile. These contributions go directly to the cost of the business, tournaments, giveaways and graphic creation. Members are not pestered to contribute financially, ensuring this community will always remain free to be apart of.